My opponent (the incumbent) Mr. Jack Wells

Mr. Jack Wells is a retired full colonel with 30 years service in the U. S. Air Force.His charming wife, Mary Gay, was a high school classmate of Evelyn.Jack has served in state governmentfor a goodly number of years, both in the senate and the house of representatives.His political philosophy is very conservative.Mostly he opposes anything that might cost taxpayers money.As the Republican incumbent in a strongly Republican district, Wells didnít campaign nearly as hard as the Acton team.He raised and spent only about 1/3 as much money as I did, proving once again that there is more to winning than having the deepest pockets.By election day Jack had knocked on a good many doors and probably had as many campaign signs in HD69 as we did.We both kept to the high road in our campaigns and didnít sling mud.This will be Wellsí last term in state government, I believe, because of term limits.

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