LOREN ACTON for Montana House District 69

Banner: My Stand

The time has arrived for me to do my duty to help assure that Montana is wisely and fairly governed. I'm a conservative, moderate, Democrat who is prepared to hear both sides of issues. Truth, humility, honesty, courage, respect, love and wisdom are not simply words to me; They express my profoundest values. My decisions as a legislator will be guided by frugality with public funds coupled with a deep concern for the freedom, opportunity, and security of ourselves and our children's children. House District 69 is the community I'd most like to represent.

In Helena, I will work fervently to strengthen families, protect human rights and oppose all forms of prejudice, intolerance and discrimination. I will use my scientific experience, leadership ability and strong commitment to address the following vital issues which affect the well-being of everyone in Montana.

The power of money has discredited public service. We must return to honest government.
Stabilization of the cost and supply of energy demands aggressive pursuit of wind power, clean coal gasification, and other advanced technologies.
First-rate schools with talented teachers are our   most important   investment.
Hunting, fishing, land, water and air must be handed unspoiled to our children.

Banner: Ethics

I pledge to work in the 2007 legislature to give Montana model laws for fair campaign finance and honest lobbying.

Ethics sets a higher standard then law. Ethics means living an honorable life and doing what is morally right. In order to conduct my campaign and public service according to the highest ethical standards, I do not accept contributions from Political Action Committees. I am also not seeking endorsement from any special interest group, even the ones that I admire and personally support. The guiding principle of my life, learned from my parents and my church, has always been to live honorably. If this is your motivation, too, I can represent you.

My campaign specifically addresses the issue of lobbying reform. Currently revealed abuses pose a very real threat to ethical government. When lobbyists work ethically and above board, they aid in enacting good laws by providing their expertise and serving as an information conduit to their constituencies. Unfortunately, lobbyists with access to large amounts of special-interest money provides an ever-present risk of corruption and undue influence. That is why ALL lobbying MUST take place in a FULLY OPEN process! All lobbyist activity, and the funds supporting it, must be timely reported and available for public scrutiny.

Banner: Energy

I will use my extensive scientific background and training to work with Governor Schweitzer to foster and improve safe, clean energy development in Montana.

Montana is blessed with an abundant supply of energy resources, most notably coal, wind and water power. Sadly, in 1997 a Republican-controlled legislature and a na´ve governor permitted an ill-advised and greedy public utility (Montana Power Company) to become deregulated and sell off its assets. The activity of unaccountable lobbyists for Montana Power, supported by short-sighted legislators (including my opponent Mr. Jack Wells) managed to pass sweeping legislation authorizing deregulation of the power industry in our state. Everyone knows the results of this costly action and the unfortunate outcome for the people and businesses of Montana. The responsibility of your elected officials is to be a whole lot smarter and less blinded by political dogma than the 1997 folks. Governor Schweitzer is that kind of leader, and I look forward to working with him on energy policy.

Banner: Education

As a beneficiary of a good Montana education I will do my best in the 2007 legislature to assure that every qualified Montana child has access to affordable education through 4-year college.

The first 6 years of my schooling were in a one-room country school in Fergus County. While I pretty much failed penmanship, reading and arithmetic came easily. After graduating from junior high and high school in Billings I earned my B.S. at MSU and Ph.D. at the University of Colorado. I simply do not understand why the good, affordable primary, secondary and college education available to Montana youth in the 1950s cannot be offered today. I worked hard and finished MSU debt-free. Today's graduates constantly struggle to cope with excessive tuition and fees — they typically incur tens of thousands of dollars of debt.

While the 2005 legislature and special session made progress towards the educational needs of our children there remains much to do, especially in state support for our universities and colleges.

Banner: Earth and Environment

In Helena I will bring good science to bear on setting wise environmental policy. I will also work steadfastly to maintain and enhance access to public lands and waters.

Orbiting the planet for 8 days on Challenger gave me the opportunity to ponder this world we live on and our role of stewardship of the land. It is the responsibility of state government to set the rules for sustainable healthy use and development of the Montana we love so much. Farmers can farm, hunters can hunt, anglers can fish, miners can mine, loggers can log, and our towns and cities can grow and prosper if we set wise policies based on sound scientific knowledge. I strongly oppose selling public lands as proposed by President Bush.

Little Rocky Mts. Gold Mines
Montana has the dubious distinction of displaying environmental degradation so vast it can be seen clearly from space. The NASA photo above shows the Little Rocky Mountains in North Central Montana (dark area in the center). The Missouri River is on the right. The light colored patches on the mountains, which resemble clouds, are huge gold mines, from which the mine operators simply walked away when faced with clean-up costs. (Click on the photo for details.)

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