Finding Common Ground for the Common Good



Hello neighbor!


Im a fiscally responsible Democrat and I want to be your representative in Helena. Like most of you, Im in the political center. This is my first run for public office.


      Born to a ranching family in Fergus County I learned about hard work in the fields with my dad and brothers. I regularly rode my pony to a one-room school.

      Married to my sweetheart Evelyn Oldenburger for 49 years--2 kids--1 grandchild.

      Graduated with honors in Engineering Physics from MSU in 1959.

      Ph.D. in Astro-Geophysics, Ive worked in solar and space research since 1961.

      Flew as a solar scientist on the space shuttle Challenger in 1985.

      Research professor at MSU since 1993. Since returning to Montana Ive given countless talks to school classes and community groups.


I am practical, forward-looking, and bipartisan on issues.


Ethics: Lobbying must be transparent, accountable, and fully reported to the public.

Energy: Stabilization of the cost and supply of energy demands aggressive pursuit of wind power, clean coal gasification, and other advanced technologies.

Education: First-rate schools with talented teachers are our most important investment.

Earth: Hunting, fishing, land, water and air must be handed unspoiled to our kids.


A $10 contribution towards my campaign would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.


Best regards,



PS: Folks here in West Gallatin County have a strong sense of citizenship and justice. It will be an honor to serve you.