Loren Acton

Competence with a Conscience

Democratic Candidate for Montana Legislature

House District 69, West Gallatin County, Montana


October 9, 2006


Greetings neighbor,


There is a rumor circulating in the Churchill-Amsterdam faith community that I am pro-abortion.  This is not true.  I’m writing to explain my thinking on abortion as best I can.  I want you to have honest and accurate information as you decide whether to vote for me.


First, let me tell you what kind of legislator I will endeavor to be.  I want to solve problems, not blindly follow any political ideology.  I will work with an eye to the future, and with the best thinking of which I am capable.  Deep thoughtfulness is essential on every issue.  What we do today will be our children’s inheritance.


The signers of our U. S. Constitution were subject to passionate disagreement over states’ rights and the moral issue of slavery.  Yet they managed to write a compromise document far better for governance than anything ever before.  I will carry the same spirit of wisdom and ethical compromise to Helena.


Convictions on abortion range from wanting the police powers of the state to prohibit abortion under any circumstance, to believing that abortion is simply a medical procedure like any other.  Why cannot we stop shouting the slogans “pro-choice” and “pro-life” across this great chasm and set to work together on practical solutions?  Abstinence until marriage is clearly the best choice, along with age-appropriate reproductive education.  Our children should not learn about sex from bad sources. 


Despite everyone’s best efforts, hormonal drives and poor parenting lead to mistakes.  Therefore, contraception information and medications must be available.  Simply put, abortions are the consequence of unintended pregnancy.   We should work together all across our nation to minimize this misfortune.


In every pregnancy we pray for the birth of a healthy, wanted, child.  This demands cooperation by the faith community, secular organizations, and the public--through government agencies and grants.  Counseling, medical and financial support and reform of adoption laws are all needed.  Good work is being done by, e.g., the Pregnancy Caring Center.  They are not able meet all needs despite their heroic efforts.  That is where the rest of us come in.


I, personally, do not believe that it is appropriate or effective to legislate use of police powers in the family issue of abortion.  If we work together in a spirit of love as taught by the Master much good can be accomplished.  He didn’t call the people to repentance by advocating changes in Roman law.


                                                                        Yours faithfully,