Loren Acton



Democratic Candidate for Montana Legislature

House District 69, West Gallatin County, Montana



Dear ««GreetingLine»»


On March 16, 2006, I announced my candidacy for public service in the Montana House of Representatives.  It is time for me to do my part in the political process by which we govern this state and nation.  Frankly, this decision was a bit of a surprise to Evelyn and me – as I suspect that it may be to you.


I’m running in the largely rural district west of Bozeman where Evelyn was born.  These are people I know and respect.  My race will be in opposition to an incumbent, Jack Wells, with a very conservative record.  Never mind that, on national races, the vote in my district has been 3 to 1 Republican.  No strong local Democratic candidate has run in that district for a long time so we are not daunted.


In my campaigning, I’ll focus on issues where my scientific background brings added insight.  I’ll be emphasizing energy, education, the environment and ethics in government.  In these and all other issues my approach will be to hold a multi-generational perspective.  What kind of a society and a world are we bequeathing to our kids?


I have endorsement from Montana’s popular governor, Brian Schweitzer, and from many friends of both political persuasions.  More importantly, Evelyn whole-heartedly joins me in this adventure. We have a full schedule of doorbell ringing, interviewing, hand shaking, etc., etc., before November.   Spaceflight training is a breeze in comparison to this! 


It is a fact of life in US politics that after throwing your hat in the ring you reclaim it and hold it out for contributions.  The first people to get hit are friends and family -- namely, you.  Money entrusted to us will be expended frugally as the campaign progresses. The maximum I can accept from a single individual, by state law, is $130.  Given the cost of postage, etc., I figure we’ll need upwards of $17,000 to beat Jack Wells so please be as generous as you are able.  This is known as participatory democracy!


Your endorsement will mean a lot to Evelyn and me in this adventure.  Winning with your help will be that much sweeter.  Finally, I’d value your opinions and advice, either via the enclosed envelope or by e-mail.


                                                            Best regards,