Loren Acton

Competence with a Conscience


Democratic Candidate for Montana Legislature

House District 69, West Gallatin County, Montana

December 5, 2006

Dear ««GreetingLine»»


It is about time I sent you generous supporters an update on my campaign.  In short, we believe that it is going well and we expect to prevail on November 7th.  Here are some numbers that reflect how hard we’ve been working.  We have to “try harder” because this is historically a strongly (3:1) Republican district.



I’ve had the benefit of a super partner and a great campaign manager.  Evelyn has spent many hours going door-to-door.  She is also my campaign treasurer and personally painted six (6) 4 feet by 8 feet campaign signs for installation by major roads.  Manager Carol Stahl keeps me focused on what is most essential to winning.


We have wonderful volunteers helping in numerous ways.  Nephew David Acton and his mom Fay are here now from Washington State – going door-to-door talking to folks and passing out campaign literature.  Some great letters to the editor are appearing.  I’ve printed a recent example on the back.


                                                            With optimism,



                                                (Please forgive crummy printed signature – busy!!)


PS  Some of you may recall that in March I’d guessed this campaign would cost $15K.  The table above shows $10K of  “cost growth” attributable to my naiveté.  Those of you who haven’t “maxxed out” ($130/individual) are invited to contribute again to help us end the campaign in the black.  Please mail contributions to the address below or visit the website to contribute electronically.  Thanks loads!!!!